“100 for $100” Initiative

Thank you for your support of Sing Omaha!

Our goal in the 2013-14 season is to create a community of donors whose contributions will enhance our ability to deliver the highest-quality music education and performance opportunities in the region. We are looking for 100 individuals, families, small businesses, or corporations to pledge $100 to support our mission, and we hope that you will join the cause. 

Participants in this “100 for $100” campaign will be acknowledged on our website, and in all six concert programs in the 2013-14 artistic season. 

Your gift of $100 is fully tax deductible, and will make a direct impact on singers of all ages in one or more of many avenues. Possibilities for the use of your donation may include: tuition assistance for qualifying families, artistic milestones, such as the commission of a new piece of music (custom-written for one or more of our choirs), hiring nationally-recognized clinicians to come to Omaha to work with our singers, purchasing new instruments for our K-3rd grade musicians, amongst a myriad of other ideas. 

Please consider supporting this important mission!

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