The mission of Sing Omaha is to provide the most highly-skilled individuals in the area
with the opportunity to study and perform choral music with like-minded
people, while demanding a high level of artistic excellence, a
dedication to musical integrity, and a mindset that puts people first.

Sing OmahaS Vision

Sing Omaha’s purpose
is to enhance the musical education provided to students in local public
and private schools and to provide opportunities for highly-skilled
adult singers to share their love of choral music with others who have a
similar passion for the art (regardless of race, gender or
socio-economic status). We achieve these goals by:

  • Educating in an environment that stimulates learning and makes people
    feel comfortable.
  • Training singers in proper vocal production, general music theory and
    performance techniques that can be translated into other ensembles,
    particularly in the school systems.
  • Providing opportunities for our singers to showcase their work by
    performing at various locations and specific events in, and around, the
    Omaha metropolitan area.

Singers’ participation in any of Sing Omaha’s seven choirs will enhance
their knowledge of music and will afford them an opportunity to build
lasting relationships with their peers. Through the musical experiences
we offer, our members’ love and passion for music will grow and their
awareness of the importance of art to the community will be heightened,
so that if music is not their professional field, they can still serve
as advocates for the art.

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