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Sing Omaha Choirs provides premiere choral ensemble experiences for singers of all ages at convenient locations with affordable prices.

Sing Omaha's COVID-19 Policies

Our policies align with local, state, & federal government mandates in regards to masking, distancing, and gathering restrictions.

Upcoming Performances

A Christmas Fanfare

Sunday, December 5, 2021 • 3:00pm

Faith Westwood United Methodist Church

4818 Oaks Lane, Omaha, NE 68137

Pop Concert: Sing Omaha Loves the 90s

Sunday, March 13  •  6:00pm

Stocks and Bonds

8528 Park Dr., Omaha, 68127

Visit individual choir pages for their full list of concerts.

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Why Sing Omaha?

We treat our members like family

Sing Omaha provides an exceptional experience for singers at all levels. Matt Hill, the director, and all of the experienced Sing Omaha staff have a passion for choral music that is infectious.

I’ve been involved with the Women’s Choir since the beginning of 2014, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything! I had been missing choir ever since high school and was so excited to get back into the groove with Sing Omaha! The fellowship is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

We love Sing Omaha. Matt and Jen have brought my shy child out of her shell with the power of music. She is so happy when Girls Choir nights roll around. I look forward to more happy memories with such a passionate organization.

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As Sing Omaha is a 501c3 federally-recognized non-profit organization, we depend on volunteer and financial support from our friends in the community.

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