Girls Choir

For Singers in 7–12th Grade


8438 Park Dr.
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Sunday Evenings
Starting January 7, 2024

In an effort to respect your time, we simply request a short video audition:

  • Record yourself singing 60-90 seconds of a familiar song (My Country ’tis of Thee, Amazing Grace, etc.). 
  • You can pick almost anything, so long as it has a melody. (preferably not popular music)
  • Please include in the video a brief introduction, including your name, voice part in choir (if you know it), grade, and school.
  • Send your video to

$59/month (8 payments, auto-debit)
$425 (if paid-in-full up front)

Uniform (sold separately)
Approximately: $70

Get a 10% Discount
Returning members pay in-full or submit a new ACH form by the first rehearsal!

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The Girls Choir performs four main-stage concerts each year, including Sing Omaha’s annual presentation of “A Christmas Fanfare” each December.

A Christmas Fanfare

Sunday, December 3, 2023 • 3:00pm & 5:30pm

St. Paul's Methodist Church

324 S. Jackson St., Papillion, NE 68046

Want to sing with us?

The Girls Choir 
is focused on making beautiful music with friends!
Join us for an unforgettable experience!

About the Sing Omaha Girls Choir

The Sing Omaha Girls Choir is an auditioned ensemble comprised of girls from schools all over the Omaha metro area who have great personal integrity and a high standard of artistry.

Students do not need to have had formal musical training in order to be eligible for the Sing Omaha Girls’ Choir, but must have an appetite for learning and for working with others.

Artistic Excellence

Our rehearsals focus on healthy singing technique which produces beautiful ensemble tone. Music selection is also critical for achieving the highest levels of artistry, and the Sing Omaha Girls Choir tackles each new challenge with vigor!

Beyond the Music

Girls Choir members praise the ensemble for its challenging music and for its inclusivity. Your singer will find a family of caring, engaged peers, all under the direction of qualified, passionate faculty.

While we are a music education organization, students learn many of the same life skills as sports and other activities teach. We focus on respect for each other, how to work as a team (in choir, there is no “bench”), the importance of commitment, and each member’s role in achieving a bigger group goal. These skills translate into students’ academic careers, and eventually, into their professional development.

Why Sing Omaha?

Our Girls Choir members love to sing our praises!

We love Sing Omaha. The faculty have brought my shy child out of her shell with the power of music. She is so happy when Girls Choir nights roll around. I look forward to more happy memories with such a passionate organization.

My wife and I were looking for a place that could help our daughter explore her interest and gift for music, and Sing Omaha has become that place. I appreciate their commitment to providing high-quality instructors and world-class performances!

Sing Omaha is our daughter’s favorite part of her week. I appreciate the way that Sing Omaha views music education as part of a student’s overall development as a well-rounded individual and a way to help them understand what it means to be part of a community. 

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As Sing Omaha is a 501c3 federally-recognized non-profit organization, we depend on volunteer and financial support from our friends in the community.

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