Youth Choirs

For Singers in 3rd-6th Grade


Divine Shepherd Lutheran
15005 Q St. – Omaha

Monday Nights
Starting  January 8, 2024

Sing Omaha Studios
8438 Park Dr. – Omaha

Thursday Nights
Starting January 11, 2024

Resurrection Lutheran
153 S. McKenna Ave – Gretna

Monday Nights
Starting January 8, 2024

(8 payments, auto-debit)
$350 (if paid-in-full up front)

Uniform (sold separately)
Performance Polo Shirt: $17
Performance T-Shirt: $15

Payment details 


The Youth Choirs perform three main-stage concerts each year, debuting at Sing Omaha’s annual presentation of “A Christmas Fanfare” each December.

A Christmas Fanfare

Sunday, December 3, 2023 • 3:00pm & 5:30pm

St. Paul's Methodist Church

324 S. Jackson St., Papillion, NE 68046

60% of parents whose children sing in choirs today say their child’s ability to read others’ emotions or manage their own has improved since their child joined a choir

-Chorus America ‘Chorus Impact’ study

About Sing Omaha Youth Choirs

Sing Omaha’s Youth Choirs are traditional children’s choirs for singers in 3rd–6th grade, which focus on proper vocal production and strive for a unified ensemble sound in unison, two-part, and three-part singing.

Students will have the opportunity to learn music in many different languages and styles. The Youth Choir also places a strong emphasis on sight-reading and hearing harmony.


All of Sing Omaha’s elementary instructors are professional music educators, and all have post-graduate degrees and/or certifications. Your child’s musical development could not be in better hands.

Curriculum with Your Child in Mind

In addition to professional instruction, Sing Omaha uses a children’s choir curriculum written by internationally-renowned expert, Ruth Dwyer.

This specialized teaching approach ensures that Sing Omaha’s students learn skills that will equip them for musical success through their school years and into adulthood.

Beyond the Music

While we are a music education organization, students learn many of the same life skills as sports and other activities teach. We focus on respect for each other, how to work as a team (in choir, there is no “bench”), the importance of commitment, and each member’s role in achieving a bigger group goal. These skills translate into students’ academic careers, and eventually, into their professional development.

Why Sing Omaha?

Our Youth Choir families love to sing our praises!

Sing Omaha is a wonderful place to create beautiful choral music. Whether you’re young and just starting out or a lifelong singer. There’s a home for everyone! With Fine Arts programs slowly disappearing children need a great place to sing. Sing Omaha is a fabulous music family to be a part of!

Our son, a fourth grader, can’t stop singing! We signed him up for the Sing Omaha Youth Choir, and it has become his favorite activity of the week. The faculty are experts, and the organization is run so professionally. We are guaranteed to be ‘lifers’ with Sing Omaha!

No matter your level of musical training, if you or your children enjoy singing choral music, Sing Omaha has a place for you to grow, thrive, create, & meet great people along the way.

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As Sing Omaha is a 501c3 federally-recognized non-profit organization, we depend on volunteer and financial support from our friends in the community.

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Sing Omaha Office
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